It’s no secret that Briana Renee’s Little Women: LA costars aren’t exactly fond of her husband, Matt Ericson. But the drama reached a new level last week, when the mom-of-one’s sister Tiana came out with a shocking bombshell: Matt has a history of domestic violence, she claimed, adding that Briana seemingly condoned this behavior.

But now, in an exclusive interview with In Touch, Briana is setting the record straight.

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“[My sister’s accusation], honestly, is a complete, blatant straight-up lie. Matt has never harmed another woman and has never touched me,” she tells the mag. “Honestly the fact that she would say that I would ask, ‘Why a man shouldn’t hit a woman,’ that never came out of my mouth… I wouldn’t even be with a man who had to question, let alone [do] anything that had to do with physical violence.”

Briana, 32, calls her sister’s action “disgusting” — adding that they have been estranged for months, so Tiana’s appearance on the show took her by surprise.

tiana lifetime

Briana’s sister.

Despite being labeled as a bad guy, Briana says there’s a side to Matt that — unfortunately — her sister and her friends don’t know.

“He is very loving, supportive, protective and he cares about me,” she gushes.

“You’re seeing the dynamic between our relationship of how we handle stress and how we just handle constant judgments and attacks, but we are very happy.”

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In fact, Briana says the drama has actually made their connection even deeper.

“It’s kind of one of those silver linings, where it actually makes us stronger and it makes us realize what we have and what we need to focus on rather than the negative,” she explains.

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