They are too cute. Tori Roloff often shares stories or videos of her son, Jackson Roloff, playing with his dog, Murphy. But the interaction she shared on her Instagram Story on October 21 may be the best one yet. In the clip, Jackson, 2, was shown being licked all over by the pooch, and clearly enjoyed every second of it. “Clearly it’s bath night,” his mom joked in a caption over the video. LOL!

At one point, Jackson even grinned at his mom behind the camera as Murphy licked the back of his head. He then turned, only for the pup to start licking his face all over again. See? We told you it was cute.

Tori Roloff Not Worried Murphy Hurt Son Jackson
Courtesy of Zach Roloff/Instagram

The Little People, Big World mama often fields questions or concerns from fans about Jackson’s bond with the family dog. In September, she responded to several questions she gets a lot about their pet, and in particular, she said she’s asked daily, “Aren’t you worried he will hurt Jackson?”

”Not even a little,” Tori, 28, responded. “They’re best friends. Know your dog and don’t judge me for what we do with our furry friend whom we trust with our child.” Boom. Take that, busybodies.

Tori Roloff Jokes That Clearly It's Bath Night As Murphy Licks Jackson All Over
Courtesy Tori Roloff/Instagram

Previously, Tori clapped back at people who criticized her son’s relationship with his dog over the summer. “I have gotten a lot of feedback on how we let Jackson play with Murphy and I feel like I just need to clear something up,” Tori began a series of slides on her Instagram Story on June 19. “Please know that I am VERY aware of safety when it comes to animals. Murphy LOVES Jackson and often times engages him in play. He is also very protective of J and I know in my bone of bones he would do nothing to hurt J on purpose. (The occasional knockdown happens but that’s life with a 120-pound uncoordinated teenager.)”

She continued, “We also do not let Jackson hurt Murphy. Murph loves to squish his face into us and that’s how he and J show affection … I understand that many have scary stories of dogs hurting their kids and trust me we take that seriously. But also not all dogs are alike. You have to know your dog and what your dog’s limits are … Just because you get a Berner or dog with a mellow attitude doesn’t mean they will be as tolerant as Murphy. Again you have to know your dog. And we know Murphy would never hurt Jackson. So that being said let them be best buds. Kthanksbye.” Hear, hear!

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