This is why you shouldn’t believe the rumors! On Nov. 14, the internet was a-flutter over the earth-shattering news that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump was all but certainly leaving the show. Hearts everywhere broke, fans everywhere lamented that she was better than the rest of the cast anyway. But surprisingly, she was singing a whole other tune when she took to Twitter today with a few choice words about the rumors.

Her first tweet in the series of two that addressed the whispers of her departure was pretty classic Lisa when she’s faced with a bit of backlash. “Let’s just focus on the important things right now,” she tweeted simply. If you’re a fan of Lisa, you could probably hear her saying it in your head, too.

The second tweet had a little bit more of Lisa’s sly and clever edge. “If you hear it from me… It has to be true. Until then, not so much,” she signed off on a pretty obvious note. Plus, gotta love that cute drawing. It’s pretty spot on! It’s not that hard to see where she’s going here – rumors are rumors. Until you hear it from the queen herself, she doesn’t want you to believe a thing.

A source close to the Bravo TV star spoke with Us Weekly and followed up on Lisa’s tweet with some more definitive info. “Nothing has been decided,” the source stated, while an insider with production for RHOBH reportedly confirmed that not only will Lisa be featured in the majority of the upcoming season, but that they also expect her to film again before they wrap shooting.

Knowing Lisa, no matter what road she takes on this, we should expect some serious conviction. When this reality TV royal wants the spotlight, she gets it. So, if Lisa really does plan to stick around, let’s anticipate the best from her – drama, Giggy, and some of her signature dirty jokes.

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