Could Lamar Odom's marriage to Khloé Kardashian get any stranger?

Amazingly the answer seems to be yes. 

TMZ has obtained a wild video which shows Lamar and friend Jamie Sangouthai rapping shirtless and sometimes incoherently into the camera.  

EXCLUSIVE: Lamar Odom's Alleged Mistress Says Khloé Kardashian Knew About the Affair: 'The Kardashians Had Me Followed'

In the video Lamar references Kanye and talks about cheating on Khloé: "Ima keep makin’/Khloe’s out of town/ I guess I still be on the DL."

What do you think? Is this the last straw? 

Full lyrics below.

Lamar: Alpha and Omega

Friend: Omega he said he’s the godson/ I believe it/ Talk to my man he believes it.

Lamar: The sh** that I believe is the sh** you can’t conceive/All these newborn babies these bi***** is trying to throw them up my sleeve/ They wont even let me breathe but I take my time for a second.

Friend: He takes his time for a second/Chills with his crew/ He knows how we do/We got him through and through/We never left the strip/We still pitchin’ the block, talk to my man he knows all of them.
Lamar: I know all the chicks/Not with dicks I know all of the pricks they got small dicks they can’t say it to my face but they say it to the paps/F*** all that/I’m still gonna chase/And I’m far from the __?/Keep the grass cut so I can always see the stakes/And the boy right here/I got good taste/What would Jesus do?
Friend: Spiritual/You know what it is/They tryin’ to get the kids/I don’t know why was we too nice? Was we too fly? Was we too hard? Were we too nice? Nah, they had a problem with the black and white shit/They won’t let us live/I don’t know why all we do is f***ing give.
Lamar: But let me tell you somethin’/ I’m telling you that sh** was meant/That’s why the boy got his own freelance/They all keep hating.
Friend cuts in: Unbreakable-
Lamar: Ima keep makin’/Khloe’s out of town/ I guess I still be on the DL.
Friend: You know what it is/We’re the QU pimps/Ask your any shorties we ran to their cribs/Up in them hills, down to the hills/Over in East LA and take us to the jungle and we a-ok.
Lamar: You take us to the jungle a-ok/ All I do is – rolls tongue – and all the pain go away/I can see that/What I can’t tell you where I stay is some place where they hate blacks/That’s why I stay in the room, smoke a little tree and wash it down with a black/They sayin’ ayo you’re f***in' with/ F*** with that/F*** with/and got a body with that with a friend to match/Bi*** you can take a picture/ All you ni****s need to read the scripture/ Bought a one way ticket and like Burger King you could have it your way.
Friend: Just check it/This is deeper than rap/It gets a little deeper than rap/These motha f***as scared and they got no gas/That’s how the f*** we get down.



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