No shame in her plastic surgery game! In an exclusive interview with In Touch, Lala Kent — who will make her triumphant return to Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules on Monday night’s all-new episode — opened up about why she doesn’t keep quiet when it comes to having work done. NGL, her comments made us fall more in love with her than we already were!

“I don’t think it’s fair for people to look at social media and think, ‘Oh, this person looks this way,’ when I’m like, ‘No, I’ve done things to alter the way that I look.’ I don’t want anyone to sit there and go, ‘That’s real life.’ I use my FaceTune [app] to death, I love the teeth whitening, I love all of it,” she shared during a Facebook live interview last month.

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“I think it’s important for everyone to know that I may look different in this photo than when you see me in real life. If you don’t like something and you can fix it, I don’t want people to be shamed for that. You want a bigger booty? You want bigger boobs? Go for it!”

The blonde beauty ultimately decided to return to the hit reality show for Season 6 after leaving in the middle of Season 5. “I felt like there was so much heaviness and the cast members had been reaching out to me and I was like, ‘Why would I not go back if they really are wanting me to be around?’ Before, it was kind of like I was never really welcome — so what did I have to loose to go back, especially when you get to work with people who are your friends?”

She continued, ” We started hanging out after the last season wrapped, and I wanted to leave with a good taste in my mouth, and I didn’t last year. So, here we are, and it was a positive season. I’m not saying there wasn’t drama, but I realize that I’m tough s–t now.”

Vanderpump Rules airs on Monday nights at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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