Real recognizes real and real also recognizes bulls–t. Lala Kent couldn’t quite wrap her head around the cameo made by James Kennedy‘s mom to confront Lisa Vanderpump on Jan. 9’s episode of Vanderpump Rules. Like most of us scratching our heads at home, James’ mom made a puzzling case against the restauranteur’s decision to fire her son.

The final straw for Lisa was when James told his co-star and fellow SUR-ver Katie Maloney to “lose some f–king weight.” The starlet gave her famous boss an ultimatum that James needed to go or she would, which resulted in the 26-year-old losing his job.

James’ mother, Jacqueline, rushed to defend her son and had a discussion with Lisa. “I get that there’s this whole movement of women, but when women come at my son, where does James go to?” she asked the reality star. Lisa tried to explain that she thought James has been “drinking way too much,” but Jacqueline wasn’t having it.

“But the point is, if women are attacking him, how does he defend himself? … People provoke him!” she added. Lisa had enough and quipped back, “Not like that!”

The drama was very real on the latest episode and even Lala couldn’t believe what she was watching. In a now-deleted post on her Instagram Story, the 28-year-old snapped a screenshot of the episode and wrote, “Is this for real? Did this woman actually raise someone?”

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James has been extremely unpredictable lately. On Jan. 2, the reality star went on a Twitter rant and trashed most of his co-stars. “Katie Maloney is one disgusting human being,” one tweet said while another that mentioned Lala spewed, “And Jax [Taylor]?! He is just a sad man after his daddy died.” Uh, you OK?

After falsely blaming his Twitter account being hacked, James did issue an apology. “Hey, I’m sorry for what I said about Jax and LaLa and I apologize deeply to them and anyone I offended. I hope you guys also stop provoking me, thank you and I wish everyone a Happy New Year,” he wrote later that evening.

This season just keeps getting crazier so time will tell what’s in store for James.

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