Here we go again! Kylie Jenner and Khloé Kardashian are taking way too much joy in teasing fans about their pregnancies while refusing to actually confirm that they're expecting! The most recent example came on Oct. 24, when the girls teamed up to make a video on YouTube highlighting their lip kit collaborations. It seemed like any other tutorial until they started talking about their "babies!"

"We have so many babies," said Kylizzle, looking at her sister. "Who knew?!" laughed Khloé. Of course they were talking about the "In Love With The Koko Collection" of lip kits that they made together, but since fans know that they're both expecting, they're being total trolls. They also keep referring to the lip color called "Baby Girl," which Khloé claims is her nickname for Kylie, but it's also rumored to be the gender of Kylie's child.

The girls also made a point to only record above their stomachs to we can't spy either of their bumps, but Kylie was rocking another now-signature massive coat to hide any trace of her changing body anyway. For the record, it was 102 degrees in Los Angeles this week, so there's absolutely no reason to wear a big winter coat. Regardless, her face definitely looks a bit wider, which makes sense considering she's reportedly about five months pregnant.

This is no coincidence, these girls know exactly what they're doing to send fans into a frenzy. Khloé recently showed off her parenting skills on Snapchat while Kylie has been teasing fans by making them choose between baby pink and baby blue phone cases while obviously hiding her bump under massive clothes. Enough already, girls!

Though Kylie, Khloé, and Kourtney Kardashian are all pregnant, the only one who has actually admitted she's expecting is Kim Kardashian, who is having her third baby via surrogate. Khloé apparently wants to wait for a proposal before she announces her pregnancy, and Kylie is embarrassed because baby daddy Travis Scott dumped her.

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