It’s hard to believe Kylie Jenner is only just turning 20. For the past few years, the youngest Jenner has hijacked the spotlight from her older sisters, surpassing them in alleged plastic surgery, over-the-top makeup skills that would make RuPaul proud, and plenty of NSFW selfies plastered all across her Snapchat and Instagram. Oh yeah, she’s also a billionaire. And yet, she’s just now turning 20? What the hell?

Yeah, it’s hard to believe the lip kit mogul, who twirled around on a stripper pole when was only 12 and flashed her nipple piercings when she was only 17, is the same age as Chloë Grace Moretz or even Zendaya. As the surprisingly wise Scott Disick once said:

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And let’s not forget the time Kylie was spotted on Snapchat looking like one of the Real Housewives or that infamous picture she took where she looked legit like Kendall’s mother. Judging by all this photographic evidence, you’d think Kylie was 19 going on 30.

But hold on there. Kylie, who has talked about her deep insecurities before and how she pretty much wants to be Kim Kardashian, is simply following the inevitable footsteps of being a Kardashian/Jenner. Without the makeup, the wigs, and the suggestive selfies, every once and a while Kylie looks sort of…youthful. Really!

Because it’s her birthday (and hey, we want to be nice), here are all the times Kylie looked, surprisingly, like her age.

Fresh-faced and innocent.

kylie jenner looking her age

Taken earlier this year, the minimal makeup and the lack of lewd poses or Kadashian-patented “belfies” makes the 20-year-old actually look, well, 20. Aww, she actually looks kind of sweet. See, Kylie? There’s nothing wrong with looking your age.

Freckles make anyone look younger.

kylie jenner freckles

Most people don’t know that under Kylie’s 20 layers of foundation are actual freckles! Why would you cover that up? Back in 2016, she shared a few makeup-less selfies that had everyone wondering who the hell she was.

In disguise as an “average” person.

kylie jenner disguise

On an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the Kardashians/Jenners go in disguise as “regular people” while riding a Hollywood tour bus. Kylie sported a fake nose and some glasses, but honestly? We’re feeling this look! She looks like someone’s friendly 20-year-old college roommate.

Smiling helps!

kylie jenner smiling

You don’t normally see pics of Kylie smiling. Trust us, we know (we looked). However, there are rare moments when Kylie lets go of her stoic demeanor and shows a semblance of a personality. This picture, taken last year, shows her taking selfies with velociraptors — now that definitely sounds like a teen thing to do.


kylie jenner looking her age

Kylie’s Snapchat is normally 80 percent selfies with the “flower crown” filter. But every once in a blue moon, she likes to bust out a video that’s au naturale. In this one, also taken in 2016, the former teen lamented how she ruined her hair with bleaching. Maybe that’s why she wears so many wigs.

“Who, me?”

kylie jenner normal

Her new reality show, Life of Kylie, might be trying hard to make her look relatable and “down-to-earth,” but those aren’t normally the type of words we use to describe her. However, in this 2015 pic, she looks totally relaxed and totally her age.

Youthful and with questionable fashion.

kylie jenner sweatshirt

We’re not sure what’s going on with this “the dog ate my sweatshirt” look, but we have to admit, she looks much younger than usual. The natural hair and minimal makeup makes her look like an average teen and less like Kim’s evil twin sister.

Birthday pig-tails.

kylie jenner snapchat

OK, first of all, let’s ignore the fact that she was twerking in this Snapchat video. On her 19th birthday, she uploaded this video of herself looking refreshingly youthful before she jumped into that now infamous red swimsuit. Hey, braided pig-tails always helps.

The “no makeup” makeup selfie.

kylie jenner selfie no makeup

Oh, it’s our favorite “I’m sporting the natural look with no makeup, except I’m still wearing a little bit of makeup, but guys on Instagram won’t notice” look. If only she would wear this look more often, especially in public or on the red carpet. But then again, being the “average” 20-year-old isn’t what made her a billionaire to begin with.

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