Kristen Stewart got very candid about how she feels when it comes to filming sex scenes in her movies, explaining the reasons she hates doing them as well as watching them.

“It’s not about [showing] simulated sex on film. I’m so embarrassed by that. I’m so sick of watching it. I’m so sick of doing it,” Kristen, 33, told Them magazine in an interview published on Tuesday, March 19, while discussing her new film, Loves Lies Bleeding.

In the 1980s-set movie, the openly gay actress plays gym manager Lou, who falls for a bodybuilder named Jackie – played by newcomer Katy O’Brian. When it came to their love scenes together, Kristen said she was more interested in the intimacy between the characters.

“The ways that you let the person you’re with either take over or be consumed,” she explained. “Those were choices, and they were very articulate, yet nonverbal decisions that we made together. And without that dynamic, nobody would have c-m. Literally, you could almost take the body out of it.”

“You could tell me the right thing, and that’s what’s going to get me there. Tell me I am something to you. Tell me I can be taller than you, even though I’m 5’5”, and you’re f–king 5’10”, and I’m there,” Kristen continued.

The Twilight alum revealed how her movie stood out from previous lesbian love stories in a more subversive way.

“To imply that ‘our’ experience can be in a genre of its own is dangerous. I don’t want to perpetuate that,” Kristen noted, adding, “We have so much unearthing to do — so much unabashed self-exploration and self-touch. We need to touch base, dude. It’s the only way to tell stories: from the inside.”

The Los Angeles native touched on how her sex scenes with Katy in Loves Lives Bleeding were going to be different in a January 11 interview with Variety.

“They don’t take their clothes off, but this is going to shock people,” Kristen told the publication.

“All you ever [usually] see is a dress coming up and a head going down under,” she continued, adding, “I think even hetero sex on film is so rote. You go, ‘OK, I know what that looks like in movies, that’s what we’ll do,’ because no one actually wants to reveal themselves.”

Kristen explained how playing straight characters helped shape her as an actress. “I have lots of different experiences that shape who I am that are very, very far from binary. But I did get good at the heteronormative quality. I play that role well,” she revealed.

“It comes from a somewhat real place — it’s not fake. But it’s f–k​ed up that if I was gayer, it wouldn’t be the case,” she continued, revealing, “That’s why I’m f–king stoked about Love Lies Bleeding.”

Kristen has been happily engaged to Dylan Meyer since 2021. “We’re marrying, we’re totally gonna do it,” she shared during an appearance on Howard Stern‘s Sirius XM radio show that year. “I wanted to be proposed to, so I think I very distinctly carved out what I wanted and she nailed it. We’re marrying, it’s happening,” the Spencer star added.

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