In the wake of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s explosive social media war — which encompassed Rob leaking Chyna’s nudes, and Chyna pursuing legal action against her former fiancé — the question on everybody’s mind is what will happen to baby Dream.

With the seven-month-old beautiful baby girl’s parents at war, many have wondered whether it’s time for her paternal grandma (and future manager, we assume) Kris Jenner to intervene and gain custody of the precious tot.

And it turns out, getting custody of Dream may be more practical — and easier — than some may think!

In Touch exclusively spoke to New York-based family attorney Alyssa Eisner, Esq., Sager Gellerman Eisner LLP — who has never worked with Chyna, Rob, or Kris — and revealed that Kris “absolutely” has a case to gain custody of baby Dream.

“Across the board, what you really have to satisfy is the best interest of the children. In New York, in order to do so — for a non-biological parent to obtain custody over a biological parent — they have to first pass the standing test,” Ms. Eisner explained. “In other words, they have to establish what we call ‘standing’ to seek custody over a parent — why does someone who doesn’t have any biological rights to this baby get the right to seek custody over a parent?”

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She added that Kris’ reputation as a parent and grandparent and her relationship with the child makes her a good candidate for the “standing test.” She continued, “In order for the courts, at least, to determine who would obtain custody, they would have to prove what would be in this baby’s best interest…and given [Rob and Chyna’s] behavior, there is a very good case for Kris Jenner to make, given what transpired.”

While some may be hesitant to think that social media action alone is enough to prove that Dream’s parents are not acting in her best interest, Ms. Eisner explained that their social media behavior speaks volumes — adding that she’s seen social media play a role in custody battles.

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In order to gain custody, “[Kris] would have to prove that what they’re doing — and all of their social media antics — affect their judgment and affect their ability to parent,” she said. “What judgment are they using, and is the judgment that they’re employing beneficial to their baby? … They have a brand new baby and this is what they’re doing — I think it definitely affects their parental judgment.”

With a potential custody battle ahead of them, it would appear that Rob could’ve used the advice Ms. Eisner gives her clients when fighting for their children.

“I always tell all of my clients — when they’re engaging in a custody battle — that the best thing you can do is deactivate your social media accounts when you’re going through it,” she told In Touch exclusively.

“Because once something is out there, you can never undo it. You can never take it back.”

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