Baby bliss!

It's almost been one month since Sister Wives star Maddie Brown welcomed her first child — a baby boy named Axel — with her husband Caleb Brush. Now, first-time grandparents, Kody and Janelle Brown are revealing some intimate details about Maddie’s home birth — and they even gave their daughter parenting advice!

“Having Maddie give birth in our home was pretty intense,” the Brown family patriarch said, even though his wife disagreed and thought the experience was “cool.”

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He said Maddie was in labor for 72 hours — 12 of which were hard labor — and as her father, it was a little difficult to see her go through that. But they got through it together as a family.

“It was interesting because we were all there together and everybody was kind of cheering her on and I think, honestly, that she was drawing strength somehow from having us all be there," he said.

Maddie’s mom jumped in and said that she thinks her first grandchild is “perfect." She gushed over how adorable baby Axel is, and she gave her daughter some advice on how to adjust to parenthood.

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“Just don’t stress it,” she said. “You get so worried and you’re stressed out when you have this brand new baby and you don’t know what’s wrong, you can’t figure it out. Nature takes care of it, just relax and enjoy the baby.”

“Let him cry sometimes if you need to solve the problem,” her dad shared. “It’s a tough thing being a parent, you have to be almost intuitive.”

And they also revealed their plan of how they’ll decide what Axel will call his Kody, Janelle and her three sister wives Robyn, Meri, and Christine. Janelle said that they’re going to wait until Axel is old enough to start talking, then he’ll give Janelle her name and the others will follow along — while, Kody is happy sticking with the traditional “Grandpa.”

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