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Kim Kardashian’s Abs Are Straight up Insane — and We’re Jealous as Hell

Sometimes we look at Kim Kardashian‘s combination of abs and curves and just think, “Girl, that body is literally unreal.” And chances are that it literally is. After all, there’s been plenty of speculation about all the different plastic surgery procedures the Kardashians have undergone over the years. Other than that, though, we’ve got a pretty good idea how Kim scored such a rocking bod. 

The reality star has actually been pretty open about her regimen. She’s constantly sharing Instagram videos and stories featuring her home gym, her sister’s home gyms, all the different trainers she works with, and her three-a-day workouts (okay, we’re exaggerating a little here, but just a little). And she’s also super transparent about the Flat Tummy products she uses on a regular basis, like the meal replacement shakes packed full of protein, vitamins, fruits, and veggies that keep her from giving into her cravings when hunger hits. Hey, not everyone can be like Kourtney Kardashian who resists those urges by just Snapchatting all her snacks instead of eating them. 

But whether it’s crafted naturally or by the divining hand of a surgeon, her body is on point, and Keeks is maintaining it flawlessly. So much so, that sometimes we just spend hours checking out her abs and daydreaming about what it would be like if our stomachs were that flat and muscles that tight. It sounds like a dream — but one that’s not too far off, if we also somehow figure out a way to become mega rich so that we can pay for trainers, chefs, and doctor’s appointments galore (but at least Flat Tummy’s detox teas and appetite suppressant lollipops are super affordable). Join us in our daydreams, and check out the gallery below to see all the most insane photos of Kim K’s enviable abs. 

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