When you're a rock star, having a generic, run-of-the-mill name just isn't gonna cut it. After all, Ringo Starr sounds much cooler than Richard Starkey and Cardi B is far more badass than Belcalis Almanzar. Actually, that's dope too. Point is, if you're trying to make it in the music biz, you're gonna have to stand out — and for Kid Rock, Bob Ritchie was just too darn dull.

During Cardi's Howard Stern interview last month, the radio show host casually — and quite randomly — mentioned the 47-year-old's moniker, so we decided to do some digging into the meaning behind it. Apparently, he hates it. So that's #awk.

In an interview with Esquire back in 2011, Kid, er, Rock? said he regrets selecting his alter-ego. "It's the worst name in the world. The only person that had a dumber name than me was the Fresh Prince," he said of Will Smith's character on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. "Hey, it sounded like a cool rap name when I was sixteen. But it stuck, and now it's me. I'll be an eighty-year-old man, 'Call me the Kid.'" Well, it's better than Bob!

He also had some pretty bold words to say about Hollywood. "My theory on Hollywood is that there's [sic] a lot of pretty, pretty girls that go out there with a lot of dreams. And whenever you got a lot of pretty girls in one spot, it attracts every f–king idiot from all four corners of the world. Every douchebag, scumbag, scumsucker shows up and sets up shop and tries to figure out how to roll people." Well damn. Maybe you should have chosen a different career path, too, buddy!

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