For the past decade, Khloé Kardashian has let cameras roll on the most intimate and embarrassing moments of her life. E!’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians has captured — and millions of viewers have watched — everything from her 2007 DUI arrest (“That’s one of those times you wish you didn’t have cameras on you,” she later said) to her marriage and messy split from Lamar Odom to her recent gender reveal of the baby she’s expecting with NBA star Tristan Thompson. (It’s a girl!) As she noted last year, “We’ve chosen to be as raw and honest as we can.”

But with her daughter arriving soon, Khloé is now rethinking that choice. The Good American clothing designer, 33, is quitting the long-running E! series that launched her and her family to stratospheric fame in 2007, an insider tells In Touch exclusively. “Khloé has reached the point where she’s ready to put family first,” says the insider.

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“The show is a full-time job that involves being filmed from the first thing in the morning until late at night. After 10 years, she’s ready for a change.” Tristan is a major factor. The 27-year-old Cleveland Cavaliers power forward spends much of his time on the road or in Ohio for work, and the LA-based Khloé wants to be near her baby daddy. Says the insider: “She’s completely fed up with doing the whole long-distance thing and wants to be by Tristan’s side in Cleveland.”

Another reason Khloé wants to be by Tristan 24/7? So she can keep an eye on him. After all, the athlete dumped his ex-girlfriend, model and blogger Jordan Craig, when she was still pregnant with their son, Prince (who’s now 15 months old). “As much as Khloé wants to trust him, in the back of her mind she worries that a leopard doesn’t change its spots and…he may do the same to her,” says the insider. “Beautiful women are constantly throwing themselves at Tristan. Some will even flirt with him right in front of Khloé! It drives her crazy.”

Khloé’s big decision is driving her mom crazy. Kris Jenner, 62, the matriarch and mastermind behind the Kardashians’ global takeover, “is furious that Khloé wants to leave the show and has made her feelings clear to her daughter,” says the insider, who adds that Kim, 37, and Kourtney, 38, also want their sis to keep filming. “Khloé has a huge fan base, and her fun personality keeps viewers tuned in. Kris is concerned that Khloé quitting the show will lead to a drop in ratings.”

But Khloé’s main concern isn’t the show’s fate. “Right now, she is sticking to her decision,” says the insider. “She told Kris that it’s her life and she can do what she wants with it.”

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