We always knew that Ke$ha marched to the beat of her own drum—but on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, she may have taken it a little too far!

Jimmy asked about her MTV documentary—Kesha: My Crazy Beautiful Life—which led the 26-year-old starlet to reveal her unusual predicament: Apparently her vagina is (was?—we’re not sure!) haunted by a ghost while she was filming in Alaska earlier this year.

Well, actually it’s not that unusual; according to Jimmy, “it’s a more common problem than people realize!”

“You’re laughing, but it’s very serious, it’s a problem,” she told the talk show host, while laughing.

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She revealed that she first discovered her unwelcome guest when her hypnotherapist used a ghost meter on her body;

The “Tik ToK” singer continued by telling Jimmy that “it sounds ridiculous, but it all honest I believe in all this crazy s**t. I believed I had dead people in me.”


Apparently, that wasn’t her first, uh, sexual experience with a spirit! In 2012, she confirmed to Time magazine that her song “Supernatural” was about an intimate experience with a ghost.

At the time, she described the experience as “very spooky.”

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