She’s come so far! Kelly Osbourne is working hard to be healthy and happy, and sober friends like Demi Lovato help her immensely, an Osbourne family insider exclusively told In Touch. “Kelly’s sober, healthy and embracing her curvier figure. She’s admitted that she was always an emotional eater, drinking and drugging didn’t help matters, but now her sobriety comes first,” the insider stated.

Specifically, the source close to the Osbournes said that Kelly, 34, is “almost a year and a half sober and she’s never felt better about herself. She says she couldn’t have done it without the support from her parents, brother Jack, and sober friends like Demi Lovato.” Good for her! Demi, 26, recently celebrated six months of being sober herself, and her own journey is pretty inspiring as well.

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The source continued and said Kelly is “not obsessing on the superficial, having to fit into what she thought was her goal weight. She basically wants to be happy and that means meditating and having a balanced outlook on life.” That’s something that most of us could honestly probably work on.

Back in November, Kelly told In Touch exclusively about how she felt having achieved one year of sobriety. “It feels amazing, but the first year is really hard for everyone,” she revealed. “People have this whole notion that you can be fixed and I am not fixed. I am now just beginning to start to know who I really am and I am not even close. Life is really scary but I get to do things for the first time all over again, which is great and just really figure out who I am and what I am but it’s tough. That first year is really f–cking tough.”

And what the Osbourne insider had to say seemed to match that feeling. “Kelly’s come a long way,” they said. “She’s telling friends that she’d rather be happy, big and sober than thin, depressed and miserable.” That’s a much healthier outlook on life than a lot of people have! We wish Kelly all the best.

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