Talk about a red flag! Josh Batterson from 90 Day Fiancé told Aika and her family that his past marriages had ended in cheating, but he never mentioned that he had been arrested for domestic violence!

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Aik and Josh

On Nov. 12, Reality Blurb revealed that Josh has a very concerning criminal record, which is likely why he uses an alias on social media. Josh has a shockingly long rap sheet, but the worst offense was from 2010, when he reportedly punched a woman in the face and shoved her down “a small embankment outside their apartment building.” Police actually had to bust down the door to the apartment to help the screaming woman! Josh never did jail time because the victim dropped the charges and refused to cooperate with police.

Josh has had other issues, which included a DUI in 2007 in Florida, and having his wages garnished for two years from 2014-2016 after getting in trouble with Capital One. It’s unclear if Aika is aware of her American fiancé’s criminal history, but we sure hope he tells her before she walks down the aisle with him. Or worse — has children!

In the season trailer for 90 Day Fiancé, Aika tells Josh that she’s ready to have kids and a family, but he says “there’s no way.” “So you want me to try with another man?” she asks him, before he storms off. Perhaps his prior legal issues are what’s preventing him from committing to starting a family with his beautiful bride-to-be. However, the duo does still seem to be together. Reality Blurb has found several pics of the couple looking happier than ever recently, though it’s unclear if they are married yet.

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