Morbid plans. The Kardashians took turns revealing the weird clauses that are in their respective wills.

As Kris Jenner underwent hip replacement surgery during the Thursday, October 20, episode of The Kardashians, she and Khloé Kardashian discussed their end-of-life requests.

“Kim asked the doctor to save her my bones so she could make jewelry out of it,” Kris, 66, told her daughters, Khloé and Kylie Jenner

After Kris called the request “creepy,” Kylie, 25, added, “That is weird.”

However, Khloé, 38, reminded the matriarch that she has a similar request when it comes to her ashes. “Remember when you wanted your ashes, you wanted to be cremated and your ashes be made into necklaces for us?” the Good American founder asked Kris.

The Kardashians Reveal the Weird Clauses That Are in Their Respective Wills
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After Kris insisted that turning her ashes into necklaces is “a great idea,” Khloé revealed that her family regularly talks about death.

“My family and I, we talk about wills, death, we tell each other what our wishes would be if something terrible were to happen,” she explained in a confessional. “If I’m in a coma, I’m still getting my nails done once a week and that’s in my will because people are going to visit me.”

They have also discussed whether they want to be cremated or to get a burial plot for the large family. 

“If we’re all getting buried and then what happens if Disneyland’s like, ‘I have all this money, I could buy that place,’ and they just start building on top of things?” Khloé said.

Kris made light of the theoretical situation by joking, “I would love to be at the base of the Matterhorn!”

In addition to discussing their after-life plans, the family members also revealed the future cosmetic surgeries they’re hoping to get.

“I’m really contemplating getting my boobs done. It’s just something I think about all the time,” Khloé said.

Kris was supportive of the idea and suggested they do it together. “Is that weird, mother-daughter boob jobs?” the momager asked.

“I don’t know what’s weird anymore,” Khloé replied.

The mother of two went on to discuss her plans to get a boob job in a confessional. “I’m wearing a latex top with a bra top so they look great right now, and I wish they looked like this all the time,” she shared. “I just want fuller, like, when you see me in a bikini, I don’t have cleavage. My sisters have all this ample cleavage.”

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