Lauren Pisciotta, a woman who previously worked as a personal assistant for Kanye West, filed a lawsuit against the rapper, accusing him of sexual harassment, breach of contract, wrongful termination and hostile work environment.

In court documents obtained by In Touch, Lauren explained that she started working as Ye’s assistant in 2021. She claimed that he paid her a $1 million salary and then offered her another $1 million to delete her OnlyFans account, which had been her previous source of income. She confirmed that she agreed to these terms.

Lauren accused the rapper, 46, of “masturbating in front of [her], over-sharing intimate sexual details, photos, texts, and videos of sex acts, including without limitations acts that Kanye West a.k.a. Ye, was engaged in and other pictures and videos of Instagram models, current and former Yeezy, LLC employees and various men and women.”

She went into detail about the explicit and inappropriate messages and photos that she allegedly received from Ye. The dozens of messages included “nonconsensual, offensive, unwanted, unsolicited, unwelcomed and unlawful acts,” according to the lawsuit.

An example of one lewd alleged text from Ye read, “See my problem is I be wanting to f–k but then after I f–k I want a girl to tell me how hard they been f–ked while I’m f–king them. Then I want her to cheat on me and go get f–ked with a bigger d–k than mine and come back and tell me the story.” There were also allegedly photos and videos of Ye engaging in sexual acts with other women.

Lauren said another one of Ye’s alleged texts was “especially offensive because it suggested or insinuated that [she] 1) wanted to have sex with Defendant and 2) actually had sexual intercourse with Defendant when in fact she did not want to do so and never indeed did do so.”

She also claimed that she often would receive phone calls from Ye “under the guise of discussing work-related topics,” but said he would “masturbate during the phone conversation and would often ask [her] if she could hear or guess what he was doing.” The musician would also allegedly “often tell Plaintiff that he always wanted to have sex with her.”

Lauren said that she was promoted to Ye’s Chief of Staff in 2022 and was told she would earn an additional $3 million in salary as a lump sum. However, Lauren claimed she never received this payment and claimed that she was terminated weeks later, despite continuing to perform her required work duties. She said she was promised a $3 million severance, but allegedly never received this payment either.

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