Another day, another Teen Mom 2 drama! Kailyn Lowry took to Twitter on Saturday, Aug. 11 to slam her co-star, Jenelle Evans, for wanting to cash in on her own podcast. Kail is currently the co-host of her own show Coffee Convos, and needless to say, she wasn’t exactly thrilled about J possibly following in her footsteps. 

“Why is my name mentioned by her?” the mother-of-three asked. “And let’s clear one thing up, podcasts are not huge money makers. They’re just not. It’s something you do because you LIKE IT. I’m not making any type of money by having guests from our show… that’s not the way it works.”

Kail was referring to an article The Ashley posted regarding other opportunities Jenelle wants to explore. Due to her current contract with MTV, however, she can’t. “Jenelle wants permission to have a podcast, if she decides to do one. She wants to be able to profit off of that and have the say on who her guests are, without MTV’s input,” a source told the outlet last week. “She does not think it’s fair that Kail is allowed to make money off of a podcast that has people from their show as guests. Jenelle is mad that the other Teen Mom 2 girls are able to go on Kail’s podcast and talk about her and David. That’s a real sore spot.”

On Aug. 5, Jenelle claimed she has “lots of offers” but can’t entertain any of them thanks to the network. “Have lots of offers from many different people, but you have to turn them down when you’re locked in a contract,” she tweeted. “.” 

Previously, Jenelle threatened to quit the show after producers refused to film with her husband, David Eason, following his firing. “He will film the next season or I’m not doing it,” Jenelle said on the July 30 episode. “I have people offering me stuff for Netflix and Amazon right now… I will do my own thing.” 

Welp, it sounds like Jenelle is going to have to bring in a few more TM paychecks before she can move on to something else. Sorry, J, but based on that salary, we don’t feel too bad for ya. 

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