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Joy-Anna Duggar’s Hubby Explains Why They Broke a Major Courting Rule Before Marriage

She’s coming clean! The Duggars are infamous for their extremely strict rules when it comes to courting (a.k.a. dating with the intention to marry) — which bans any physical contact or one-on-one time prior to marriage. So it only makes sense that Joy-Anna Duggar‘s new husband Austin Forsyth is confessing about that time they broke a major courting rule before their wedding day. Check out the video to see what she had to say.

For those unfamiliar with Duggar-style courting, there are a few simple rules set out for the Duggar kids. When it comes to the Duggar ladies, their potential suitors must first ask Jim Bob for permission to court his daughters — without his blessing, their relationship can’t go on. Once they’re courting, they’re allowed to go on dates, but all dates must be strictly supervised, and have a chaperone present.

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The Duggar brood are also banned from chest-to-chest contact, and are only permitted side-hugs while courting — though some of the younger Duggars have adapted their rules so that they hold hands once they’re engaged. While the Duggars were raised without the technology most of us know and love, the older Duggar kids have cell phones and are allowed to text their significant others — as long as they have all their communication in a group text with mom and dad included!

Some of the other rules include dressing modestly and avoiding alcohol — two things that most of the Duggar ladies have continued to do even after exchanging vows. With that many rules to keep track of, we understand how Joy let that one slip!

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