The drama continues. Jonah Hill’s ex-girlfriend Sarah Brady alleged that he had been “sexting” her shortly before he began dating his now-girlfriend, Olivia Millar. 

Sarah shared a series of screenshots via her Instagram Stories on Monday, July 10, allegedly from text messages between her and Jonah, 39, from August 2022. 

“I know I don’t need to, but in the spirit of pure respect to our friendship and appreciation for each other, I did want to be transparent that I did start dating someone recently,” Jonah allegedly texted Sarah at the time. “I’m sorry if that is painful. It just happened and I didn’t want to not be transparent with you ever as I care about you.”

In another alleged text, Sarah wrote, “Not that it’s really my business, but out of my own personal chicks before dicks code, if that’s headed anywhere other than [a] hookup or fling, I’d appreciate if you make that woman aware of how recently you’ve been flirting with me, sexting me and leaning on me for partner-love emotional support.” 

After accusing Jonah of sexting, Sarah shared another screenshot of what appeared to be a response from the 21 Jump Street actor. 

Who Is Jonah Hill's Ex-Girlfriend Sarah Brady? Meet the Surfer Amid Emotional ‘Abuse’ Claims

“Screenshotting intimate texts between us is a huge triggering violation for me and breach of trust as a friend, as I have explained to you about breaches of trust I have had between trusted friends recently that have caused me trauma,” Jonah allegedly responded to Sarah. “I am incredibly hurt and feel a lack of safety where I have always trusted you.” 

Despite denying that he had “not flirted or sexted with [her] in any way, shape or form in months,” Jonah allegedly admitted that he and Sarah had sent sexual texts to one another. 

“New side of you, Sarah,” he allegedly wrote, according to another screenshot that Sarah shared. “I care about you and will always be your friend. As I have been. Yes, we sexted two months ago [sic].”

Sarah broke the internet over the weekend after she accused Jonah of emotional abuse during their relationship, which lasted from 2021 through mid-2022. 

On July 8, Sarah shared separate screenshots that were allegedly from Jonah, asking his then-girlfriend to remove pictures of herself in a swimsuit from her Instagram account. 

After she removed the posts that bothered Jonah, he allegedly texted Sarah, “Good start. You don’t seem to get it. But it’s not my place to teach you. I’ve made my boundaries clear. You refuse to let go of some of them, and you’ve made that clear. And I hope it makes you happy.” 

“This is a warning to all girls,” Sarah wrote across one of her Instagram Stories that day. “If your partner is talking to you like this, make an exit plan. Call me if you need an ear. … I too struggle with mental health, but I do not use it to control [people] like he did to me.”

Jonah has not publicly responded to any of Sarah’s claims. 

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