After Jon Gosselin’s daughter Hannah told her dad the news about a 10th grader overdosing at school, the former reality star not only revealed how he handled the situation but praised his children for being so alert. “She’s very aware,” the 42-year-old told In Touch exclusively at Victoria’s Voice presented by the Victoria Siegel Foundation and Greenspoon Marder LLP at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino on Friday, October 25. “I mean, my kids are very smart, so they’re aware of the situation. They’ve traveled the world, they’ve seen everywhere, and my son as well. He’s more vigilant — ‘Drugs are bad.’ Collin is very open to those kinds of things. I always say, ‘Nothing good ever comes from drugs.’ So, that’s pretty much hammered into their brain.”

Even though the dad of eight — he shares 18-year-old twin daughters Cara and Mady and 15-year-old sextuplets Leah, Aaden, Alexis, Joel, Hannah and Collin with his ex-wife, Kate Gosselin — and his family were previously on television, he admitted he trusts his kids. “They know, coming from a TV world, we’re the only people on TV in Pennsylvania, so it’s not like here or L.A. or New York, so it’s a little different versus those voices. So, people are looking at them, their peers aren’t on television, so it’s a little different,” he explained.

Since the TLC alum works in the healthcare industry, he understands the problems his children have to face while they are learning at school. “I’m the IT director for a health clinic,” he shared. “It’s called the Berks Community Health Center. It’s a health clinic between two major hospitals, so we do undocumented and the uninsured. So, we hear it a lot. We have a MAT department, which is Medical Assisted Treatment, so it’s like Suboxone and Vivitrol. Any time you have a Suboxone and a Vivitrol treatment program, you know there’s major drug problems in the area. So, it’s federally funded. So, it’s hard to think that it’s in your community, even though you work with it, but when it hits the adolescent community, you’re like, ‘Oh my god, it’s in my kids’ school.’”

Meanwhile, Jon also shared an update about the sextuplets, who he has not been able to have regular visitation with. “Custody’s really up to the kids,” he said. “So, if Hannah wants to go, she goes. If Leah is on Kate’s side, supposedly, if she wants to come, she comes.” However, Jon is looking forward to the future and is hoping that as his kids get older, they will be able to see him. “Once they drive … ‘Here’s your car, do whatever you want,’” he said.

Jon Gosselin How He Teaches Kids Avoid Drugs
Courtesy of Jon Gosselin/Instagram

Sounds like Jon is killing the parenting game right now.

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