They seriously seem so happy. Newlyweds John David Duggar and his wife, Abbie Grace Burnett, got “cozy” while checking out some Christmas lights, and it’s legitimately pretty cute. These two lovebirds really do appear to be enjoying every second of being married, and good for them!

John David and Abbie only just got married in November, and they have a whole lot of firsts to get through as a married couple. Forget their first kiss, which they supposedly saved for the altar. Forget any of the other things Duggar kids aren’t allowed to do until they’re married that John David has likely gotten up to by now; we, of course, mean things like having a social media account — get your minds out of the gutter!

John David and Abbie get to spend their first holiday season together this year, and the couple seems truly excited to be doing so. “I love spending each and every day with you,” one of them wrote on their joint Instagram account. “And I can’t wait to celebrate our first cozy Christmas together!” OK…that’s pretty sweet.

Duggar fans in the comments were thrilled for the newlyweds and their happiness. “You guys are so cute! I hope you have a super special Christmas!” one person wrote. Another said, “Omg.. sorry everyone but John and Abby[sic] are the cutest Duggar couple ever. 💝💖💝” And yea, this duo is definitely competing for that particular award.

The couple also shared a wedding photo on the account on the day they’d been married for one month and seemed just as blissfully in love and happy to share their joy in that update. “We have been Mr. and Mrs. for one month! I LOVE living each day with you!” they captioned the post. What do you want to bet this is going to be the theme of most of their posts for a while…or at least until they welcome that first bundle of Grand-Duggar baby joy that fans are anxiously waiting for?

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