Welcome to Dishin’ on the Duggars, a podcast where whether you love the Duggars, hate the Duggars, or love to hate the Duggars, you’ll get sufficient conversation on their baby-making and pickle-worshiping adventures. On this week’s episode we tackle John David and Abbie Grace Burnett‘s whirlwind engagement. God, not even a whirlwind, what’s quicker than a whirlwind? A whiplash? Yeah, we unpack their whiplash engagement.  Tune in to the podcast in full above and get the highlights below. Such as…

Who is Abbie Grace Burnett and how did she meet John David?

john david and abbie grace burnett

Because last we checked John David was pretty firm on that whole “Bachelor to the Rapture” thing. Is there something special about Abbie, or is 28-years-old just a near-elderly age in Duggar years?

What went down on their trip to Walmart?

john david duggar

Oh yes, Walmartgate. We’ve been keeping an eye on JD and AG, and it looks like they’ve been breaking courtship protocol left and right. But it was that fateful UNCHAPERONED trip to Walmart, first reported by a Life is Not All Pickles and Hairspray insider, that truly left the nation in ruins. Well, like, the nation of Duggarland, at least.

And honestly, how is Forever Alone Jana Duggar doing during this stressful time? 

jana duggar talking head

TBH we’d be shocked if you’d guess anything beyond “not well” because Jana’s life up to this point has been nothing but raising a household of children and tending to her garden. “Not well” is like, the default.

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