They’re already breaking courtship rules! John David Duggar just announced his courtship with Abbie Grace Burnett last week, but in just that short time period they’ve managed to join Instagram with their joint account, and they’ve mastered the art of the couples’ selfie. But now, they’re really earning their stripes as a Duggar couple by stirring up controversy. John David and Abbie were spotted out in public recently and they were caught breaking two major courtship rules.

According to photos obtained by the the Duggar whistleblower Facebook account Duggar Family News: Life Is Not All Pickles and Hairspray, John and Abbie were spotted out on Tuesday, June 26 at a Walmart that is close to the Duggar family’s home in Tontitown, AR — which was also the same day that their courtship was announced. A source revealed that John and Abbie seemed to have arrived to the Walmart unchaperoned, which goes against the Duggar rule that forbids a Dugger kid to go on a date without a chaperone — which is usually one of the Duggar siblings.

But John David and Abbie’s trip to the local Walmart was even more scandalous. The insider claimed that at one point,” John grabbed Abbie’s a–,” which goes against the Duggar’s strict policy on no physical contact before they’re at least engaged. Fans have seen the Duggar daughters Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy-Anna adhere to these rules — they’re only allowed to “side-hug” their significant other until they are engaged, when they’re actually allowed to hold hands — but the Facebook admin shared their own thoughts as to why John and Abbie seem to be exempt.

“I’m guessing John and Abbie are adult enough to not need a chaperone, though with the a– grabbing, the Duggars and Burnetts might want to reconsider,” the post read. “If he’s grabbing a– in the store who knows what he’s grabbing in the car. I hope they will explain on the show that they are bucking Duggar tradition and doing away with the silly chaperones.”

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