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How Jinger Duggar Transformed From Snarky Rebel to Soft-Spoken Housewife

When Jinger Duggar first appeared on 19 Kids and Counting, she was an instant fan-favorite. Unlike her sisters, she never seemed quite comfortable in front of the cameras, was always rolling her eyes, and looked downright annoyed at times with her own family. At times, fans would often joke that Jinger's expressions reminded them a lot of their own. But considering the Duggars' strict religion discourages independent thought (especially from kids), many viewers suspected Jinger's snarky reactions were a sign that she wanted to "break free" from her family.

After all, the 24-year-old has admitted to wanting to go to college to study photography, said she wanted to live in a city, and even revealed that she doesn't like babysitting. Considering all the Duggar women do nothing but give birth to babies and be loyal housewives, she sounds like the opposite of a Duggar wife. But during the past few years, Jinger has undergone a transformation. Gone is the spunky teen who rolled her eyes at her family. Instead, she's been replaced with a soft-spoken wife who always looks up at her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, with that creepy adoring gaze. Whatever happened to the old Jinger?

However, not all is lost. Jinger's husband allows her to wear pants and she's been able to fulfill her dream of living away from her family in Laredo, TX. She also didn't immediately start having children like her sisters. Instead, she waited a year before announcing her pregnancy, which has many fans suspecting she's using birth control (which is another no-no within their religion). Although it's nice to see Jinger wearing pants and looking happy as she sips Starbucks in her home of Laredo, we can't help but find her evolution a tad bittersweet. Below, a look at how Jinger has changed over the years.

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