Make way for baby! IRL, we know that Jinger Duggar and her husband Jeremy Vuolo already welcomed little Felicity into their lives (and boy is she adorable). On Counting On, however, the Duggar daughter is still getting used to her pregnancy and getting ready for her and Jeremy to become parents. In last night’s episode, the couple even offered to babysit their couple friends’ three kids just to get in a little extra practice. They may have nearly a dozen nieces and nephews of their own, but out in Laredo, Texas, so far away from Arkansas, they need the extra help. 

At first, when they started off playing with the three little kids all under the age of five, everything seemed okay. But by the time they ordered pizza for dinner, both Jinger and Jeremy looked exhausted. “This is gonna be us before long, isn’t it, babe?” Jeremy asks. “Can you imagine all day every day?” Neither seems like they can, despite the fact that Jinger herself grew up in a household with 19 kids without many gaps between them. “How did your mom do it?” Jinger’s husband continues. 

“It definitely does make you appreciate your parents all the more after babysitting three little kids that are really close together in age,” Jinger explains. All the other Duggar couples seem similarly stressed at the idea of it — and Jessa Duggar even admits that she feels like she’s got her hands pretty full with two. Luckily for the Vuolos, Jinger is pretty sure they’re not gonna have too hard of a time themselves, whether it’s babysitting or having kids down the road. 

jeremy vuolo babysitting

Photo Credit: TLC

“Seeing his interaction with kids, he’s gonna be a good dad,” she says about her husband. “He has so much fun with the kids. They all love him. It makes it easy when he’s here, it really does.” Still, after a whole night of babysitting, she’s ready to fall asleep way earlier than the kids are. “I might just take a nap, babe,” she says, and lets her head fall back on the couch. Good luck with that one.

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