Last week, Jinger Duggar and her husband Jeremy Vuolo celebrated their first wedding anniversary, and they couldn't be cuter. The couple posted adorable messages for each other, and reading them kind of made us realize that these two just might be our favorite Duggar family couple. Sure, Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald are also pretty cute — and their two adorable sons, Spurgeon and Henry definitely give them a leg up. But of the Duggar sisters, we're pretty sure Jinger scored the best husband of them all. And here are six reasons why.

They make their own rules together.

Whether it comes to how they decided to court or what they consider modest clothing, Jinger and Jeremy are writing their own rule book. They're not just kowtowing to Jim Bob's instructions about long skirts or hiding your shoulders or anything like that. And though some took Jeremy's sermon about dressing modestly as giving Jinger his permission to wear skirts and sleeveless tops, we think it was probably a bit more of a two-way street than that.

"It is your liberty as to whether you dress modestly with a modest pair of pants, or with a skirt, or with a T-shirt, or with a blouse," the Duggar husband explained in church. "It is not your liberty, women, to wear sensual, seductive clothing that is designed to draw the attention of your brothers." Meaning you can wear pretty much whatever you want as long as you consider it modest and you aren't wearing it specifically to be sexy.

The couple did the same thing when they decided on what was appropriate for their relationship while courting, too. "Jeremy and I have our own set of rules for the courtship, and our own standards that we desire," the Duggar daughter told a Counting On producer. Note that Jeremy didn't just decide — she specifically notes that this is something they picked together. Jinger isn't just going from her father's rules to her husband's, she has a hand in making them herself.

He's open-minded about other religions.

Unlike, uh, certain other Duggar husbands who can be pretty close-minded when it comes to people who don't align with their beliefs (cough, transphobic Derick Dillard, cough), Jeremy is willing to hear others' perspectives. Even ones that he doesn't agree with — like the late Christopher Hutchins, a well-known atheist author who wasn't nearly so willing to agree to disagree when it came to religion. Eagle-eyed fans spotted an exchange he had on Instagram about the book, where he kept things civil and even revealed he actually has atheist friends.

"He was a man of brilliant intellect who certainly knew how to keep an audience," Jeremy said about Hitchens. "Having friends who profess atheism, I appreciated Hitchens' candor and willingness to share his worldview." The interaction was polite and respectful, and he even encouraged the fan to check the book out for themselves to see what they think. It's clear that he's able to disagree with people without trying to refute their beliefs.

He's encouraged Jinger to start reading more, too.

Though the Duggars do get an education, it's through a controversial ATI homeschooling curriculum. After that, only some of them go on to pursue higher education. Before this couple tied the not, the Duggar daughter simply didn't have much interest in books. But once she got married, that all started to change.

"Jeremy loves books," she wrote on Instagram earlier this year. "I love Jeremy. Now I love books." She even added a heart eyes emoji with a stack of books emoji. And she's lived up to that, too. Since then, her husband's caught her reading and shared it on his own Instagram.

They're also furthering their education in other ways.

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Up close at the Getty Villa

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Though all the Duggars pretty much only travel for missionary trips or wedding, when Jinger and Jeremy came out to California earlier this year, they also made time to stop at the Getty Villa in Malibu. While there, they checked out all different kinds of ancient art and architecture. It's clear they're not just reading about different people and places. They're also getting out there and learning about them, too.

He loves dogs.

We hope that all of the Duggar husbands love dogs, honestly. But it's clear that this Duggar husband has a special place in his heart for them. They're all over his Instagram, including this adorable chocolate lab named Jake. "This is Jake. We are in a photograph together. He is my friend," Jeremy captioned the pic. "Jake is also a Chocolate Labrador… For any concerned: I did not give Jake, the Chocolate Labrador, chocolate. That would have been decidedly irresponsible," he joked. Again, we hope all the Mr. Duggars know not to give chocolate to dogs. But it's nice to confirm that at least one definitely does.

And face it: He's hot.

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I prayed for many years that the Lord would give me a godly woman who loved Him genuinely and others selflessly. He answered, but with a gift far beyond anything I ever asked for or could have imagined. He is kind.

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Joy Anna's man Austin Forsyth and Ben Seewald are both cute, don't get us wrong. But when it comes to who's the hottest husband, Jeremy takes the cake by far. Jinger's one lucky Duggar.

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