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The Spiciest Jinger Faces of All Time, Because Mrs. Vuolo Sure Is Expressive

There's only one thing Jinger Duggar wears better than a fresh pair of pants, and that's her patented Jinger Face. OK, "patented" may be a stretch because Jinger doesn't really have one particular face so much as she has a million animated expressions. Never-the-less, Jinger Facing is most definitely a thing. "I definitely think Jinger has the most facial expressions out of anybody I ever met," Joy-Anna shared on an episode of Counting On. "She has her big eyes, like when she gets embarassed she like rolls her eyes, things like that, it's so fun." Yeah it is. In a family so fundementally crazy, it's good to have a sibling that's like a walking reaction GIF.

Of course, some of you may be wondering, "What's the big deal? She's just publically emoting." Truth, but let us just remind you what family this is. Historically speaking, married Duggar women have one default facial expression: dead-eyed, plastered-smile, gazing at their significant other. The Duggar love stare, in essence. On the flipside, the Lost Girls default facial expression is a little less moony. Instead, it's dead-eyed, line-mouthed, unimpressed by their siblings gender reveal or engagement announcement. But Jinger…Jinger really runs the gamut. She doesn't just dare to betray actual emotion, she wears her reactions aggresively. So for your own amusement, click through our gallery to see some of the most memorable times Jinger pulled a Jinger Face.

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