Keep the weird recipes coming, Jillymuffin. Jill Duggar‘s latest recipe has Counting On fans and her social media followers seriously confused, and it’s obvious why that is when you take one look at the photo she posted to advertise the latest concoction she saw fit to share with the masses.

On Nov. 26, Jill posted a photo to her Instagram to direct followers to a link in her bio for a new recipe she posted on the Dillard family website. Nothing unusual about that, in fact it’s pretty par for the course for Jill. But this time around, it is incredibly unclear just what the food is in the photo, and people made their confusion very clear in the comments on the social media post.

The photo above is of a recipe Jill calls “Party Potatoes.” It consists of 5 pounds of potatoes (“peel if desired”), 24 ounces of sour cream, two packages of onion soup mix, and one 8 ounce package of cream cheese, softened. Basically, it’s mashed potatoes. On steroids.

But that’s frankly not obvious based on the photo provided. The replies to Jill’s post ranged from, “But what is it…” to “Potato salad? It looks wonderful!” Other guesses and comments included, “Is it candy? Like ‘white trash’ mix?” and “This honestly could be 10 different dishes…that’s not a good thing.” Some responses were downright savage, like the commenters who wrote, “The ugliest post alive” and “Omg White people.”

Look, don’t get me wrong. I love mashed potatoes. They’re a top ten list food for me, no contest. But it’s not hard to see why people are not exactly gushing over Jill’s latest “recipe” based on the photo she offered to try to entice people over to her family’s website to get all the details on how to make it. Without any further context, it’s really just a bowl of white mystery mush. Yum.

The truth is, Jill doesn’t have to be a Michelin star chef. But if she’s going to continue this food blogging kick she’s on, she’s got to make the dishes look edible, and like they have some obvious ingredients that will interest readers. These “party potatoes” are…not that.

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