The Duggars have all kinds of weird nicknames for each other in their family: Jana Banana, Jilly-Muffin, Jessa Blessa, Dunny Bunny… The list goes on and on, and they just get weirder. (Seriously, we bet you can’t even guess which kid Dunny Bunny is.) Our favorite, though, has to be what Jill Duggar‘s kids call their grandpa Jim Bob Duggar. Because for years now, the mom-of-two has been trying to get “Peepaw” going.

The first time we noticed it was back in 2016 when the former Counting On star made a point of it. “I love this fun pic grandpa took with Israel at [Dan Dillard] and Deena’s wedding last weekend,” she captioned a photo on Instagram. Though she called Jim Bob “grandpa” in the caption, she also added the hashtags #funnyface and #peepaw. And so “peepaw” began.

“Peepaw?????????” one fan wrote in the comments, but Jill brushed them off and kept it up. A year later, she posted another photo, this time of little Sam in the bath, and tried to make Peepaw happen once again. “Sam loves his new bath seat!” she wrote. “Thank you Mamaw and Peepaw, & cousin Tyler!” And again, fans took notice — though it seems they had an issue with the spelling of it more than anything. “Peepaw looks wrong!” one commenter wrote.

But the 27-year-old was intent on getting the name to stick, so earlier this year, she tried again. In a birthday post on the family blog for her dad, she wrote, “Happy Birthday Daddy/Pops/Peepaw! We love you very much! Thanks for being a fun dad to me and ‘Peepaw’ to our boys! Hope your day is great and your year better than the ones before!”

Look, we get that it’s kind of immature to giggle over the name “Peepaw,” and if you look it up on Instagram you’ll find plenty of people who call their grandpa by that name, but we still can’t help but laugh. And we’re not alone, either. “Gross,” one Duggar fan wrote in a discussion forum about the family. “Peepaw, that is just weird & wrong,” added another. “Peepaw sounds like what you’d call a dog who habitually pees on its own leg,” said a fan on Tumblr, while someone else called it “literally the stupidest grandfather name I have ever seen.”

At the end of the day, it’s a pretty normal Southern nickname for a grandpa. Still, we can’t help but chuckle when thinking about Jim Bob getting stuck being called “Peepaw” for the rest of his life. Ultimately, we’re pretty sure that this fan said it best: “[It] made me want to giggle uncontrollably.” Us, too, pal. Us, too.

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