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The Many Duggar “Congratulations” Videos Prove the Family Doesn’t Know Each Other

I'm pretty sure that the Duggars can't say "congratulations" without adding an awkward stilted video to their YouTube channel. With every birthday, engagement, or baby announcement, the family needlessly floods our feeds with bland well wishes. And truth be told, after the first 16 videos, I started to notice certain patterns in this weird phenomenom…and decided to investigate further.

I wish I could say definitively how many I've watched, but of the 158 videos on their channel, I can guestimate that at least half of them are congratulations videos. So yes, I've seen so many that I basically can recite them from memory. "Congratulations J-Name and spouse." "We are so excited that you've grown up to be a godly young man/woman." "We're looking forward to seeing what God has in store for you." Then Jim Bob calls Michelle "mama" and I throw up in my mouth.

Maybe some nay-sayers would argue that it's sweet that the family is so supportive. Look, this has nothing to do with loving each other. It is, transparently, a way to quickly monetize their brand even further with 11-second videos that get 50k views. And I do feel a little weird that me going through them all will put more money in their pocket, but eh, I guess this family is paying my bills too.

No matter what your feelings are, there's no doubt that these videos follow a format, read as decidingly generic, and honestly…are just kind of weird. Click through our gallery to see for yourself.

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