Jill Dillard (née Duggar) opened up about letting her family dog, Fenna, try breast milk and shut down naysayers before they could bombard her with criticism. 

The former Counting On star, 30, shared a photo of Fenna licking her bowl via Instagram on Sunday, June 6, and explained that she had her “last teeny bottle of breast milk [sitting] in the freezer for nearly a couple years now.” 

Jill Duggar Dog
Courtesy Jill Duggar/Instagram

Jill revealed that her and husband Derick Dillard’s sons, 6-year-old Israel and 3-year-old Samuel, both stopped breast-feeding around age 2.

“I know, I know … it’s probably a freezer-burnt nutrition-less substance now,” she continued. “Well, Sam randomly asked to try it recently and it didn’t look or smell bad when I thawed it out, so I let him try it. As expected, he didn’t like it after trying a couple sips. Needless to say, now all three of my children have now had breast milk,” Jill quipped, referring to the newest addition to her brood, Fenna. 

The TV personality said she couldn’t help but feel “sentimental” about her “liquid gold” after breast-feeding both of her boys. “Whoever coined the phrase, ‘no use crying over spilled milk’ certainly never pumped!” she pointed out. 

Jill then addressed letting Fenna drink some of her breast milk, adding, “Before any of you jump on me for feeding it to the dog, she’s fine. She’s totally fine. I wouldn’t have given it to her if I thought it would make her sick. So just chill, mkay?!”

Breast milk is not fatal for dogs, but it is “not recommended, mostly because it contains lactose,” according to TopDogTips.com.

Jill Duggar Fires Back After Criticism Over Giving Her Dog Breast Milk Just Chill

The Dillard family announced they adopted their rescue pup from the shelter on February 24. “After being cooped up for a while with the big winter storm and school still out for Israel, we decided to go visit some animals at the shelter!” Jill shared in a post via her family blog. “We love animals and always enjoy visiting them in any environment … at pet stores, the zoo, watching videos online and checking out different dog breeds, but we didn’t expect this to happen!”

“Her name was Grindle when we got her, but we will share her new name in the next video!” Jill added before revealing they opted for the moniker Fenna. 

It appears they are more than content with their family of five, at least for now. Last year, Jill squashed rumors she was expecting baby No. 3 after sharing a photo of Sam wearing a “big brother” T-shirt.  

“Is there going to be a precious announcement?” one social media user pondered at the time. “Haha no,” Jill confirmed, revealing he just “pulled big brother’s shirt out and wouldn’t let me take it off him.”

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