After receiving a tax document in the mail, Jill Dillard (née Duggar) claimed her father, Jim Bob Duggar, lied to the IRS about how much she and husband, Derick Dillard, were paid on the TLC series.

The TLC personality, 32, and attorney, 34, discussed the moment they received the legal document that claimed they were paid significant amounts of money by Jim Bob, 58, during their reality TV run on the Wednesday, January 11 episode of the “The Unplanned Podcast.”

“We’ve been screwed over, this is not OK,” Jill told hosts Matt Howard and Abby Howard. “Derick’s in law school and a lot of times, scholarships are based on income and there’s been this income that’s been reported in previous years, that’s not reflecting what our true income is, what we’ve actually seen, we don’t know where those checks went.”

Derick additionally claimed that Jim Bob kept things “continually hidden” and would make it seem like they “weren’t trying to do anything intentionally” when the couple “figured” things out.

“A lot easier to fess up when you’ve been caught in it versus going above and beyond to be transparent,” the mom of three described. “You can only claim the ignorance side of it or accidental oversight so many times.”

Jill spoke about the disputes over payment with her father at length in her September 2023 memoir, Counting the Cost. In the book, she estimated her family earned about $8 million for the 10-year reality TV run. The couple eventually received $175,000 of the profits, which they said was “not the reasonable fair amount.”

“It was the principle of the thing, like OK, you say that you’ve changed, you say that you want to make things right, what can you do?” Jill continued. “You’re asking us, ‘What can I do to make this right? I feel like there’s a wall between us type thing, like how can I make this right’ and we’re like here’s a tangible, like numbers speak … You can fix this, here’s the error.”

Despite their recent reunion at the 2023 Duggar Christmas celebrations, Jill’s relationship with her parents remains tense. However, she did reveal that she “heard’ it through the “grapevine” that her parents listened to her memoir through audio.

“I didn’t like, sit down and have a conversation and say, ‘What do you think of the book?’” Jill joked during the interview before admitting she was “treading lightly” when discussing them. “I know that they would probably want to sit down with a therapist or something and just hash it out, but we’ve tried that before and it just is not the healthiest way to go about it.”

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