Please, stop everything! We need to talk about Jill Duggar’s homemade chicken salad. The Counting On star took to her family’s website to share the ingredients for her “refreshing” chicken salad dish, but her fans were horrified by the “god awful" recipe.

“This is such a lazy recipe,” one reddit user said. “Put gross chicken in a bowl and smother with mayo.” Another person called it “nasty,” with a third asking, “Is there a puddle in the middle of that chicken salad?” People seemed to be very offended that this chicken salad was made with only five ingredients: one can chicken, mayo, salt, pepper, and lemon. “Couldn’t she add some celery and red onion? Some grapes, apples, or walnuts?” another user commented.

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New recipe up! *link in bio!*

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The image of a soggy chicken drowning in mayo obviously disturbed many followers, but people seemed more shocked to learn that Jill used “canned” chicken instead of rotisserie!

“Canned chicken. Canned chicken!!! Just buy a rotisserie and shred it, they’re five bucks and have more chicken than a damn can lmao,” one user wrote. “She doesn’t know how to cook,” a second said. “Her family grew up on canned ingredients because they were cheap and easy to store. She never learned how to cook and hasn’t bothered to learn since leaving the house. She’s been multiple places in the world, and hasn’t picked up anything significant from any of those cultures.”

This isn’t the first time Jill Duggar is getting slammed for her recipes. In the past, people accused her of plagiarism after eagle-eyed fans noticed the images she was using on

"I don’t understand how the Dillards ignore their theft of another’s intellectual property and artwork by not crediting and linking their work," a disappointed fan said. "In this day and age of Internet fraud, credit fraud, you’d think because they claim themselves to be moral, ethical, and adherent followers in their faith, which they believe to be the most moral and truthful way to live and be in this life, they would not care enough to provide the simple links to the owner's website."

Wait, does this mean there’s a chance that Jill’s soggy chicken salad isn’t even hers? At the end of the day, we just hope it tastes better than it looks!

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