What's that word for when someone does the same thing over and over again while expecting different results? Jill Duggar just recently caught some backlash when she tried to pass off recipes from the internet as her own, and on Arpil 6 she was accused of plagiarism again! This time it's because of her cost-effective homemade baby wipes.

Jill says these are the same "wet wipes I remember my mom using most of the time on all her babies and kiddos, but some fans seem to think the old family recipe is another life from elsewhere. "Yet another stolen thing…" said one fan. "You know Jill, this whole plagiarism thing is getting old. We all know you don’t really use this, b/c if you did, it’d be cloth b/c you’re a cheap a–." Yikes.

However, one supporter said, "A basic list of ingredients can’t be stolen. Nice try." This user has a point, since Jill's recipe is really just paper towels, baby oil, alcohol, and water. And Jill did go out of her way to add information, like including that Bounty paper towels work best, or to remove the alcohol for sensitive skin. Her recipes had been copied verbatim from other sites, but this totally could have been told to her by her mom.

However, the criticism didn't stop there. Many were grossed out that she included the wipes in her recipes section. "Mama’s baby wipe mustard sandwiches. Mama’s baby loaf bread. Mama’s baby dump-lins. Mama’s crusty log chili bowl, Mama’s stoollicious pudding packet. More ideas where those came from. I’m happy to give them to you. Completely original, pls feel free to make them ur own," joked one fan. "If you’re worried about price or chemicals, why don’t you do cloth? This is stupid," said another. Jill just can't catch a break!

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