Watch out, Derick Dillard! When it comes to whooping butt and taking names, your girl Jill Duggar is taking no prisoners. When the couple escaped to Missouri for a romantic weekend away just the two of them, they did all kinds of fun stuff. They stayed in a sweet bed and breakfast, cuddled by the fire, saw a play, posed for funny photo ops, and, best of all, competed against each other in a shooting game where the mom-of-two seemed to pretty much wipe the floor with her #besthubbyever.

“Jessa and Ben and Derick’s mom (Cathy) helped with the boys this past weekend so we could get away to Branson, Missouri for a much needed date time after Derick’s finals were over!” Jill shared on the Dillard’s website, just one of many Duggar family blogs. She also posted a couple pictures and even a video from the game where her score, an impressive 4,095, was more than double Derick’s points at just 2,045. Check it out.

But the couple didn’t just get up to some fun and games during the big date weekend. They also made some time to visit family, stopping by to see their new nephew, Jackson Dillard. Back in September, the 27-year-old shared the news with fans that they’d added a new member to the family. Derick’s brother, Dan, and his wife, Deena, had welcomed a son of their own, meaning little Israel and Sam had a new cousin to play with in little Jax — and Jill and Derick had a nephew to spoil.

They did just that when they stopped by, tickling and talking to him in another video shared to their family’s YouTube channel. Making train sounds and talking to the baby, Jill earned herself a couple of adorable smiles, and now we can’t help but wonder if she’s catching a case of baby fever. Based on our Duggar pregnancy predictions, it’s just about time for one of the girls to announce that they’re expecting — is Jill ready for baby number three? Here’s hoping!

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