After leaving the show in 2017, it seems Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard don’t have plans to return to Counting On any time soon. But why? On Thursday, November 21, the reality star mama finally weighed in on the subject, explaining herself to a fan. After she posted photos revealing that the family used to get “rough cuts” of the show to watch before it aired, one Instagram user asked if we’d ever seen the family of four back on our TV screens.

“Are you guys going to do Counting On anymore?” they wanted to know. Others chimed in to wonder the same thing and share that they missed watching the Dillards. “Thanks,” Jill, 28, told her fans. “We get asked that a lot … No plans to [return] currently. It just all got to be too much for our little family, so we decided to step away from it all a couple years ago before the birth of our second child. Love our film crew, though … Great people.”

Jill Duggar Derick Have No Plans for Counting On Return

The situation might actually be more complicated than that, though. In addition to rumors that the father of two was actually fired by TLC, Derick, 30, has recently been feuding with both the network and his father-in-law. In October 2019, he seemed to fuel that gossip after a fan tweeted at him that they hoped it was “not true” that the two men were at odds. “Why do you hope it’s not true?” the law school student wanted to know.

In November, he took further aim at Jim Bob Duggar. After a fan asked why Jill’s father received all of the money for the show instead of the stars being paid directly, Derick shot back, “I don’t know. You would have to ask him that.” He also claimed that the Duggar family patriarch negotiated contracts “for everyone, but without telling anyone,” thereby preventing his children or their spouses from having a say in their own salaries or terms.

If Derick had been offered the chance to renegotiate his own deal with TLC, it sounds things might have worked out differently for his family. Once he graduates from law school, he’ll have the legal know-how to do so. As for whether the network would be interested in that, well, that’s another story. After years of insults from Derick, too many bridges might be burnt.

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