Considering Jill Duggar and her husband are a couple so codependent that she literally goes to his law school classes with him and pretty much sits in his lap while he studies, we probably shouldn’t be surprised that they’re never apart. But when Derick Dillard revealed that he and his wife have literally never spent a night away from each other in their five years of marriage, it still blew our minds. The former Counting On star shared the fun fact on Wednesday, August 21, in a new post published on his blog. Back in June, his wife dropped a whole blog post full of marriage advice, and this time it was his turn.

Derick, 30, shared all kinds of tips about how to create and keep “hot love” — and for him and Jill, that means spending every single night together. Though he had all kinds of recommendations about how to “love your wife like you mean it,” his encouragement that followers “take the challenge to spend every night together during your first year of marriage” stood out. And apparently, that tip has worked for the parents of two. But they didn’t just do it for the first year. They’ve done it for all five.

“So far, Jill and I have managed to spend every single night together since we’ve been married,” the law school student wrote in his blog post. “We’ve only been married a little over five years, but so far as it’s possible, we hope to continue the trend.” His other advice? Have sex “5-6 times (or more) a week.” The reality star suggested that having sex on average about once a day is “a good start” to keeping your relationship healthy.

You can also call your wife pet names like “sugar plum, honey boo, baby doll, sweet buttercup [or] schnookums” to keep the spark alive. For the most part, though, it’s all about that Q.T., a.k.a. quality time. Life gets busy when you’re hanging out at Chuck E. Cheese with the guys, but there’s also a solid 15-20 minutes you can carve out for “uninterrupted time to talk every day.” It’s the little things, right guys?

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