Jessica Simpson said that she’s in “denial” after one of her children walked in on her and husband Eric Johnson having sex.

While speaking to Access Hollywood in an interview published on Saturday, August 26, Jessica, 43, explained that she and Eric, 43, put in effort to keep the spark alive in their marriage.

“It’s good to keep the romance there, even with three kids on top of our heads. It’s hard, but he’ll leave me little notes, because he’ll wake up earlier than me. He’ll leave me little letters,” she shared. “There’s a lot of things that make me like, ‘I can’t wait to get my hands on him later.’ I think you have to have those little things as a couple that are just between you two.”

However, Jessica noted that keeping things spicy in the bedroom can be difficult with children. The couple – who tied the knot in 2014 – share kids Maxwell, 11, Ace, 10, and Birdie, 4.

“And now it’s like, our kids are so old. It’s like, wow, they’re gonna walk in on hanky panky time. So like, ‘What do we do, how do we do this? Where do we go?’” the “A Public Affair” singer joked.

After noting that one of their children previously walked in on them while they were getting intimate, Jessica said that she and Eric have chosen to act like it didn’t happen. Not only are they in denial, but so is their child. “It’s not really been something that we’ve talked about,” she added.

“I did just have to fill my middle child in on certain things, but luckily he didn’t walk in,” Jessica continued. “I think he would stand there and be like, ‘What are you doing?’ He would literally talk to us.”

While Jessica has chosen to avoid the uncomfortable conversation with her child, she hasn’t been shy about discussing how her family has settled into their temporary home in Nashville. The family moved from Hollywood to Tennessee over the summer and couldn’t be happier with their decision.

“Being in Nashville, even my kids are like, ‘You laugh the whole time. You’re so happy,’” she told E! News on Monday, August 28. “It’s because I’m not on guard. I’m with a lot of like-minded people. It’s not about the celebrities—it’s really about the music and the heart and the conversation.”

Jessica Simpson Is in ‘Denial’ After Her and Eric Johnson’s Child Walked in on Them Having Sex
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Macy’s

The “Irresistible” singer added that being a renter has been “hilarious” at times. “I used thumb tacks to hang these $40 curtains up so I wouldn’t wake up with the sun,” Jessica explained. “I put together a TV with a butter knife. I was looking for a screwdriver, but I went to the wrong place. I went to Walgreens, I got lip gloss instead.”

Jessica was not only able to find a new sense of happiness in Nashville, but she also rediscovered her love of music. “I’m not nervous at all, but if you were to ask me two years ago when I was talking about coming back to music, I was frightened,” she ​said. “But now, I know exactly what I want.”

The mother of three continued, “I’m building my own platform. I’m doing it for the first time—the way I would—without a label telling me I need to do this song or use this producer. It’s all me.”

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