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Jeremy Vuolo’s Sermons Prove He’s Not Much Different From the Duggars After All

Ever since Jinger Duggar married soccer-player-turned-preacher Jeremy Vuolo, fans quickly dubbed him as their favorite Duggar-in-law. For one, he didn't impose archaic rules of modesty on his wife, allowing Jinger to wear pants (a shock within the Duggarverse since it opposed their strict beliefs). He also "saved" her in a sense by whisking her away to Texas, away from her 19+ member family where the couple could have their own life. And, on a superficial note, fans also thought he was the hottest of the husbands (well, until he shaved his beard). Over time, people started seeing him as the most "liberal" of the Duggar-in-laws as they theorized that Jeremy's views would rub off on Jinger, freeing her from the clutches of ATI. But how true was that?

When you Google "Jeremy Vuolo sermon," this video about "judging rightly" pops up. In it, Jeremy gives a level-headed argument about how Christians shouldn't judge hastily and make assumptions about people. If this is the only video fans have watched from him, they might mistakenly believe he's the most laid-back of the Duggars. But if you peruse the rest of his church's YouTube page, you'll find sermons where he sprouts anti-LGBTQ views, anti-Catholic views, and other ideas that'll make you side-eye.

Of course, Jeremy's views are typical of those who are members of the religion he follows, and that's fine if that's what they believe. But fans should be wary of painting him as the "open-minded" Duggar-in-law because it's straight-up not true. And if you're still not convinced, below are eight examples why.

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