Umm, what the heck is going on here? Jeremy Vuolo just posted the weirdest photo of himself and his daughter Felicity, and he’s understandably getting a lot of questions in the comments. But he’s also getting some hate, too, because the picture he shared also includes a picture of a teepee. It’s a seriously weird shot, though, so we get where all this confusion is coming from. The picture seems to show the Counting On star and his daughter’s reflection in a framed print that features a teepee, and he captioned it, “Time for reflection.”

We all know that Jeremy loves a little word play, but we can’t tell if he’s just talking about his own reflection in the glass or if he’s genuinely suggest that he’s reflecting on Native American culture. Fans aren’t really getting it either, but the teepee itself is igniting even more discussion than the actual photo. “What is this supposed to mean?” wrote one fan, with another taking things a little further. “If there is a deeper meaning behind this post please do share. If not please know that taking elements of another culture (especially one that has been as mistreated as Native Americans) and using them flippantly for your own artistic design is completely inappropriate.”

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Time for reflection

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Others joined in on the discussion, writing, “I googled it, guys, and some places are saying November is Native American month.” Another guessed, “Perhaps as ‘Thanksgiving’ comes it’s a moment to reflect on the atrocities inflicted on the first nations people.” But those who thought it was just an artsy pic were not thrilled. And the people who thought Jeremy meant for it to be more but didn’t actually say anything were pretty disappointed, too. “It’s fairly regularly accepted that cultural appropriation is insensitive,” said an Instagram user. “Benefitting from someone else’s culture, not OK.” And one person didn’t hold anything back: “Why teepee? Are you racist too?”

But most commenters were just confused, wondering if Jeremy might have some Native American ancestry. “Are you Native American?” asked one fan. “Hard to understand the meaning of the pic. I am Apache though, so if you are that’s great.” But it turns out that it probably all just came down to one thing as another commenter tried to put the whole matter to rest. “Ya’ll, he is in Oklahoma at a Native American history museum. Chill!!!!”

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