Here’s the thing, and we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, but one day one of the little Duggars is going to fall and smash their head open. It seems the youngest members of the family are often climbing and crawling and running and jumping all over things, which, yes, is pretty normal toddler behavior. But sometimes it veers into scary territory, and more often than not, it seems like their parents, whether mom is Michelle Duggar or Jill Duggar, are just taking pics and laughing rather than actually supervising. And now Jill’s son Sam is doing it again while the family plays a game of Candyland.

Apparently, the board game is Israel’s favorite, but his younger brother must not be super interested, because he sat out the round with Izzy, Jill, and Derick Dillard. Instead, Sam could be found climbing all over the back of his mom’s chair and then just, like, dangling there? Eating a snack? We don’t really get what’s going on with him, and we hope he’s having fun, but the fact that he is literally behind mom’s back and climbing on the furniture just has us worried that he’s going to fall and hurt himself at any moment. Check out the family’s home video to see what we mean.

This isn’t the first time that Sam’s been precariously balancing on the furniture. Just a few weeks ago, he was also caught climbing from the top of his construction truck toy onto the table. “He fell off his truck twice trying to climb onto the table,” Jill explained in the video showing off her youngest son’s “new trick,” but she didn’t make any move to stop him. The construction truck toy literally started rolling away as Sam put one foot on a handle to give him an extra boost, and his mom just said, “Whoa,” instead of making any move to at least spot him in case he stumbled again.

When Israel was younger, he was also caught balancing on the very edge of one of his booster seats so that he could reach up onto the counter and grab a snack. The thing could’ve tipped over so easily, leading the little kid to get a serious bonk on his head against the tile counter, and his parents would’ve been too busy snapping a pic to grab him. This kind of daredevil behavior seems to be a phase all the little Duggars go through, and there’s more than a little photographic proof. We just hope it doesn’t take someone getting seriously hurt before the parents start to be more careful.

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