He says cell phones are doing damage to our relationships, but Jeremy Roloff is using Instagram to spread the word. If this sounds a touch hypocritical to you, you're certainly not alone! Instagram commenters have been quick to say the Little People, Big World is preaching a double standard — since he and wife Audrey Roloff clearly use cell phones a lot.

The controversy started just days ago, when Jeremy aired his feelings on the topic of cell phone usage. "Phones are ruining our love stories," he wrote in an Instagram caption. "I believe that the single most lethal problem concerning our love stories is our phones. They are increasingly stealing our conversations, our romance, our contentment, our time, our special moments, and our attention. Which is everything healthy relationships need. It's a tragedy. It's something we must control. And it's immediate."

Then began the backlash. "Yet you guys post a lot on social media," one user commented. "It's hypocritical, Jeremy, because you posted on social media about how social media is taking over relationships when you guys post on social media just as much as everyone else, if not more. So wouldn't you be just as guilty of doing things you say others shouldn't be doing?" (Meanwhile, another Instagrammer said, "Don't you guys post most of your daily lives on Insta stories? You must have your phones and camera up all the time.")

At first, Jeremy tried defending his stance, saying, "Posting on SM is a lot different [than] SM consuming your life and relationships … I think it's obvious my post identified a pretty massive problem in society. Posting to SM is by the problem." (Yeah, we're not sure what "by the problem" means, either. "Problem-adjacent," perhaps?)

But the original critic wasn't finished. "My point is practice what you preach," they wrote. "If you think it's such a massive problem in our society, and we as a society should do something to stop it, then why do you continue to do it yourself? … If you want things to change in our society, you should lead by example."

Another commenter added, "[They] have a point … If it wasn't for SM and smartphones, you wouldn't have a following that I understand makes your living? It is really a catch-22 situation for those of you that are in the public eye. Sometimes things can come off as a little arrogant when you have been married for a minute and are telling others how to live."

Finally, Jeremy relented. "I could have mailed everyone, but this seemed faster and easier. Yes, it's ironic," he wrote. "It's definitely something we're still working on and by no means have mastered." Well, gee, if he had said that from the get-go, no one would have raised an issue!

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