Perhaps Jeremy Roloff isn't as perfect of a husband as fans thought! On the May 23 episode of Little People, Big World, Audrey Roloff found herself utterly exhausted from taking care of baby Ember all day and night. Fans on reddit think she may have taken a subtle dig at Jeremy's parenting (or lack thereof) when she told him that "the doctor said I needed sleep."

"Was that Audrey's 'I told you so' to Jeremy?" one fan asked, pointing out that as long as Audrey is using a bottle, Jeremy could just as easily be the one waking up in the middle of the night. And they probably have a point. While Audrey posts daily photos and Instagram stories of Jeremy having fun playing with their precious nine-month old daughter, we rarely see him feeding, bathing, or changing her. Those responsibilities seem to go to Audrey. She clearly loves to take care of her baby, but considering she also runs a blog and clothing company, she might need a break once and a while.

"I see Jer becoming like his dad where he's the 'fun' parent while Auj is the responsible one like Amy," said another, and that could also be true. But they aren't yet at the point where they need to do any disciplining, so he could certainly take on some more work. However, one fan pointed out that there are some things a dad just can't do, like breastfeed. "If she’s trying to establish a good milk supply, and she’s working towards eliminating bottles and exclusively breastfeeding, she would need to pump or nurse throughout the night," said a supporter.

Audrey has been very open about wanting to breastfeed exclusively (even calling formula "a sin"), so maybe she's the one insisting on waking up in the wee hours of the morning. Either way, we hope they learn to divide the childcare evenly so they can both focus on their health.

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