Really, Jenelle?! Reads in Babs voice. On May 31, the Teen Mom 2 star snapped a photo of her sick daughter, Ensley, playing outside with a hose — and fans were like WTF. She captioned the snap, “For being a sick baby, she sure is having a lot of fun.” Unfortunately, people were less than thrilled about her most recent parenting move and immediately slammed the mother-of-three.

“Why is the sick baby in the water?” one person asked. Another added, “A bath is warm water, not freezing cold hose water outside.” A third, however, lost their cool for those who didn’t understand why a sick, soaking wet toddler isn’t exactly ideal. “Let me break it down for the idiots… pool/hose water is cold… therefore your body overworks to keep itself warm… the last thing you want your body to do (while sick especially) is overwork. Hence why the show is called Teen Mom. #whatNOTtodo.” Yikes.

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Yet this is hardly the first time Jenelle found herself in hot water on social media. Most recently, she took to Twitter to support President Donald Trump after a federal judge in Manhattan ruled that he cannot block anyone on the platform for expressing their political views, as it violates the First Amendment. NBC News reported that Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald deemed it “unconstitutional,” and Jenelle was pissed.

“Good luck trying to catch him ‘blocking haters,'” she wrote last week. “What has this world come to?! If someone hates me. I’m blocking them too… just like ANY other person. Always attacking our president for the dumbest s–t.” She ranted, “Why does social media butthurt people so bad?! No one [cared] about [blocking others] until Trump was president. If someone cussed him out in public, he’d have them removed, but he can’t block people on Twitter?!”

When someone tried to argue that Trump is not letting people voice their opinions if he blocks them, Jenelle fired back, “He isn’t blocking them from voicing their opinion to Twitter. Pretty sure Twitter’s CEO has those rights. [Trump is] always listening to opinions every day, whether Twitter is involved or not.”

Sigh. Maybe she should stop focusing on Trump’s Twitter woes and start caring for her sick kid. #JustSayin.

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