They may be talking, but Jenelle Evans clarified that doesn’t mean she’s back together with estranged husband David Eason. While chatting with Us Weekly, the former Teen Mom 2 star once again denied any rumors of a romantic reunion, insisting that they’re in communication because of the daughter they share and the house that they own together.

“David and I are not together as of now. We are coparenting and deciding what to do about our futures because we own a house together,” Jenelle, 28, told Us on Monday, February 17. “We cannot sell the house until we get repairs from the housing company who built it.”

The denial echoes one she made a few days earlier on February 11. In a vlog shared on YouTube, the MTV personality told her fans and followers, “Let’s squash the rumors about me and David. Yeah, we went and caught dinner last night. Yes, you guys got some pictures of it and sold it all over to the internet. But I came home alone, and I’m sleeping in my bed alone. Make all the assumptions you want.”

The mom of three’s attempt to shut down speculation may not have gone over as well as she wanted, however. Fans were quick to notice that, even as she denied reunited with the husband that she left in October 2019, she seemed to be wearing both her engagement and wedding rings once more. “Hey, [Jenelle], care to explain why you’re wearing that ring if you’re not together with David?” one asked on Twitter. “Jenelle would answer back, ‘Dude, I am wearing my wedding ring because I am not divorced yet, so technically I am still married. Don’t believe everything you [haters] see,'” a second fan joked.

Some even responded directly to a post where the Teen Mom alum addressed the rumors. “Unless you are one of the people in my small circle, then you wouldn’t have any idea what’s going on in my life,” she wrote on the social media site on February 11. “Don’t assume you know who I’m talking to or not talking to. Don’t assume the worse for me because you read some fake articles. 💓” One Twitter user asked, “But [you’re] wearing your wedding ring again?” Another chimed in, “Did they photoshop the ring onto your finger?” Jenelle didn’t respond to any of the posts, but in her latest vlog published on Sunday, February 16, she seems to be once again wearing the same diamond jewelry.

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