Things have truly hit a new low between Teen Mom 2 stars Jenelle Evans and Barbara Evans. The mother-daughter duo has a famously strained relationship, and in audio from a 911 call obtained by Radar Online, Jenelle claimed that her mother was being abusive toward her son Jace. The custody battle between Jenelle and her mother is long-standing, and from the claims the 25-year-old made on the call, it’s only going to get more complicated from here.

“My name is Jenelle Evans and the emergency is actually at my mom’s house in Southport, North Carolina,” she said to the Boiling Springs Lake Police on Nov. 30. “My son actually called me…he lives with my mom in Southport. My son called me crying his eyes out and saying that my mother is actually hitting him. And he’s huffing and puffing, he can’t breathe.”

Jenelle said that she could overhear her son, 8, talking to his grandmother.  “He said ‘Meme hit me, Meme hit me.’ We call grandmother Meme,” she said. “Then [my mom] said ‘Oh you’re going to tell mommy that?’ And she grabbed his phone and now she’s on speaker phone and I have them on mute.”

While calling the dispatcher, Jenelle said she was still on the phone with her mother. “She’s also saying stuff like ‘Get out of the house, leave the house. You need to leave and never come back,” Jenelle said. “She doesn’t even know that I’m still on the phone…She is literally saying all of this and she has no idea I’m hearing any of it. My son is screaming for me in the background and she will not give him the phone or answer my phone calls.” Though Jenelle seemed adamant on the phone, according to the report, the police did not investigate the situation after responding to the call.

The news of this call comes shortly after it was reported that Jenelle’s family was worried she was back on drugs. According to Radar Online, the MTV star, who has a troubled past with drugs like heroin, has been worrying the people closest to her. “We’re all very concerned. Very concerned for Jenelle,” an insider claimed. “We all think that there is still weed involved. We know that for a fact. That’s a constant in their life.” We hope that things in Jenelle’s life settle down soon.

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