It looks like Javi Marroquin wants his ex-wife Kailyn Lowry to keep his name out of her mouth — and out of her books! Teen Mom 2 fans watched the rise and fall of the former couple’s relationship, including the fallout after their nasty divorce back in 2016, and now Kail is telling her side of the story in her upcoming book, A Letter of Love. Kail even claimed that she knew she would “regret” marrying Javi, and Javi definitely felt some type of way about the way Kail is portraying their relationship because he took to Twitter to lash out.

“I’m really getting sick and tired of reading this s–t. Forreal [sic],” Javi, 25, tweeted. “The only reason she says this is to seek validation from her new relationship and convince herself it’s OK. I’m getting fed up with this. I didn’t sign anything to use my name. Maybe I should get my attorney too.”

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According to The Ashley, Kail claimed that she knew before marrying Javi back in 2012 that their relationship was not going to work out. “Truth moment: I knew going into the marriage with Javi that I would regret it,” the 26-year-old writes in the book. “We were fighting constantly and not even sleeping in the same bed. I was overcome and filled with doubt at all times. I was trying to convince myself that things would get better in time, but they never did.”

Many fans slammed her for choosing to publish something like because her four-year-old son Lincoln — whom she shares with Javi — could read it one day and it could hurt him to know that detail about his parents, and Javi agreed.

“Who TF would write that in a book dedicated to your children. Regardless of how our marriage ended stop lying and trying to convince yourself what you did was ok. Forreal I really don’t wanna come on here and spill tea because we’re past that forreal [sic],” Javi continued. “Forreal! [sic] He’s already behind the curve cause his parents didn’t work out then to read it? Nah, I will make sure anything about me is out of that book.”

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